Tuesday, May 23, 2017

New stuff from Pelkotila!

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Jack / Meth Leppard split!

Insufferable - Survival (Fermented Bile Vomit Productions)

Insufferable is a double masked attack from Scotland... These dudes love to hide their faces and they also don't like music. That's probably why they started to ruin everything around them with harsh noisegrind, hehe. So let's dive into this smelly swamp of noise and let's try to survive! The EP is very aggressive, with short and fast songs and tons of low painful sounds. Crashing guitar makes that mess more malicious and even denser. I love that the whole sound is pretty clean, it seems like you're listening grindcore instead of noise. These primitive riffs and blasting drums.... mmmm... god damn that shit is strong! I really feel that these guys put all their madness and energy into these songs. These 18 songs are a good cure for a hangover (believe me while I'm writing these words my head is trying to blow up, hahah). It's also great that Insufferable are "alive" band, I mean they don't use a drum machine or other electronic equipment. It seems like the vocalist is gonna spit out his guts while he yelling, that was really honest and, I guess, pretty painful to do, and I really appreciate that, that guys is mad for sure!

Rating: 8/10 Insufferable bc Insufferable fb

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Split tape Concussive / Scum Human!

Out now at Grindfather prod!

Monday, May 22, 2017

New Visions Of War merch!

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Reissue of Divided we Fall!

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Insufferable are a two-man noisecore/grind band from Scotland. Short bursts of intensity, with bludgeoning riffs, fills and pissed off vocals. Inspired by bands like Iron Lung, Penis Geyser and Sete Star Sept, Insufferable deliver something as raw, noisy, violent and heavy.
Insufferable fb
insufferable bc

split tape Extreme Smoke 57/Deflowered-Cunt is out!

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Faeces Eruption - Altar Of Gross Pathology!

Out now at Uterus Productions! And limited to 100 copies...

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Despise You / Coke Bust!

This split is available at Bones Brigade rec!

Dysmorfic / Captain Three Leg

Here is a small split tape with two old rock star bands, haha! Two different lands and two really diverse collections. So here we go... __________________ (Side A) Some time ago, this old monster of a band lost a guitar player, but the guys adapted and continued their existence without the 6 string unit. Personally, I think it makes this band more unique. The unique lineup transforms the style into something more primitive with overgrown low frequencies. Here you have a chance to hear a bunch of dirty barbaric songs. Most of them have good intense riffs and stuctures, but there are a couple of boring parts. Regardless, this material definately deserves your attention. The bass guitar tone is so dirty and powerful. Actually, it sounds pretty close to a guitar! I like how those harsh vocals compliment the bass. They really add to the brutal primitive sound. And let's not forget about the last song... There's a really cool solo on the acoustic bass guitar (this one with clean sound). It was a really good idea to record such a thing. Unique ending. _________________ (Side В) Next is a powerful attack of rotten hardcore/noise-punk from Captain Three Leg. Their songs are short and sharp. I really love the style of these old bandits. They just play what they want. No fucks given! "Hardcore punk? Okay lets do that! Noise? Why not?". Okay I agree that not everything that they did was perfect but most of their stuff is great. On this tape we will hear many fast, simple riffs but they remain interesting too. The many short dialog samples also make this album entertaining. Fuck!! that old yelling style of singing and nasty, noisy bass guitar sound is real fun. The main schtick of C3L it`s never-ending sarcasm and black comedy in their songs... These things annoy many people, hahaha) Rating: 7.5/10 Dysmorfic Captain Three Leg

split My Minds Mine / Suffering Quota is ready!

You can buy this split directly from Sufffering Quota and My Minds Mine or from Wolfsbane rec!

Split Haggus/Noma/Excrements!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Assuck Discography!

Out now at R.A.P.S. Records

Su19b/Terror Firmer

This split seems to me like a moon which has two sides. Mystery dark side and shiny well known side. Japanese old samurais from Su19b will be on dark side (of course ;))... their music is very atmospheric. This dark and slow rhythms slowly penetrate your brain and paralyze your mind. There is only two songs but it`s really enough to scare you)) This sound like black resin... it`s dripping like a slime from the guitar riffs... Flies away from blast beats and trembles with the vibrations of the bass guitar... Throughout the listening Su19b part I was not left by the feeling that I`m listening to, Breathing and screeching of ancient monster. On the "white" side we have italian punk-grind warriors Terror Firmer. This side has no too low and dark sound, this noise is perceived very easily (after so harsh and dark attack from Su19b hehe). Fast thrashing riffs will strike you like arrows of the savages... "tupa tupa" beats sound so nice, It`s makes me swing, haha!) Harsh roars and screams... yes, that what I really want and all this noise spiced by old good punk. This pasta monster will be to the liking for many sick grindheads. In charge of the artwork was my old friend Huere (Huere Artworks/Insomnia Isterica)... This guys know how to make good punk art. Just look at this rotten and drunk drawing. Nice stuff isnt it?) Rating: 8.5/10 Terror Firmer Su19b

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Pelkotila on tour!

Split EntröpiaH & Test is ready!

You can buy this release thru next labels: Hecatombe Records (Almeria, Spain) / No Humano Records (Zaragoza, Spain) / Base Record Production (Alicante, Spain) / Grindfather Productions (UK) / Lazybones Records (Brazil) / Raw recs (Brazil) / 255 recs (Brazil) / Grinder Cirujano Records (Argentina) / Clandestine Productions (Mexico)

16 Blåsare Utan Hjärna – Vi Ska Gå Till Botten Med Det Här!

This LP was kindly send to me by Power It Up records.Few years ago that label started to make re-releases of some pretty old punk records. So I want to start write about them I guess It will be interesting to read about different hardcore punk releases... Since punk is an integral part of grind world. 16 Blåsare Utan Hjärna are from Sweden. This band was active from late 80's to middle 90's. I am really glad that I discovered this band for myself... this music is great example of dirty ugly punk. Originally these songs were recorded in '89 but only in '94 that material was released on tapes. And now with a new sleeve these songs were finally released on vinyl format. Also I really like how designer tried to keep old spirit and old look on this LP. There are a lot of old photos and other stuff. Okay maybe it looks pretty simple but in my opinion this is what we need. Nasty, old and raw this album, perfectly conveys the atmosphere of 80's. I mean those dirty streets, that unbridled punk energy. When i listen to these songs my subconscious paints pictures of old creepy cellars with a band on the stage. Atmosphere with cigarette smoke and with beers smell. And all that just sinking in the stream of swing noise. Intensive drum attack, loud guitars, "boom boom" bass guitar and of course neverending yelling. Raw and angry... That's how hardcore punk must sounds!
Rating: 8.5/10 Buy this LP at Power it Up!

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