Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Good news from Diablos records!

New work from Heinous!

Vomit squad attacks again! Guys from Arizona's land, recorded 5 new tracks, and believe me this shit is really tight! You can listen the whole "Four Under The Floor" HERE! 

Go! Fest 7

More info is HERE!

Pregnancy - Demo!

Bowel churning mongo goregrind from Melbourne Australia. Their first demo is finally out in 7" format! If you`re interested in this putrid piece of rot, then send your orders to Nerve Altar! 

Attention! Need some help!

Texas grindheads just finished their second album and now they are looking for a label which can help to release those noises. The album consist of 14 songs for about 20 minutes of brutal grindcore. So if you`re interested just write directly to Daggra page.

Monday, August 21, 2017

New BOAK`s EP will be out at Grindpromotion records!

Brutal news from Rodel rec!

News album from Brazilian grinders Social Chaos is out! For orders/trades write to: roedelrecords@web.de

Escuela - Non Serviam tape will be out soon at Abusive Noise Tapes!

New release is coming soon! A tape which full of brutal powerviolence. This will be a painful punch from New Yorkers fellas. 10 songs - 10 fast and loud shots!  

Grind Against Cancer!

Meat Spreader ‎– Excessive Consumption Of Human Flesh

So they`re back… Old Polish legends gathered together and made something very interesting, something nasty and brutal. Just look at these names: Bass - Artur (ex-Squash Bowels); Guitar - Tocha (ex-Dead Infection); Drums – Radek (Neuropathia) and Voice – Jaro (ex-Dead Infection). So as you'll understand these guys know how to play grind. My postman brought me a parcel with the vinyl variant of this split (which was released by Fat Ass records). This one side bomb contains only 5 songs (it may not be much, but it`s only their first demo). And they are very tasty especially for fans of old grind. The riffs are memorable and in some songs like “Hectic Razor Cut” can drive you crazy. Although this record is raw I really enjoy the whole sound. Jaros voice became even more low, his vomiting style of singing is very recognizable the same can be said about Tochas guitar riffs. Rhythm section aims to suffocate listeners with good beats and thick bass vibrations. Meat Spreader like a big, heavy and ugly beast which roars can scare all grind hipsters, haha!). Personally, the effect that this record has on me was that it makes me want to get up and crash everything with all the energy in my body. It is a damn fun record with great and powerful tracks. So guys if you prefer some no nonsense, old school and heavy as fuck goregrind, you will not be disappointed with “Excessive Consumption Of Human Flesh”! Rating: 8.5/10 Meat Spreader

You can support this band and buy this LP thru Fat Ass records!

News from Nashgul camp!

These shirts and back patches will be available only during Nashgul tour. So be quick!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Big news from Grindfather prod!

Nice gore news from Ill Faith Records!

Grotesque Organ Defilement - Discography and new stuff Posthumous Regurgitation will be out very soon!

Sissy Spacek ‎– Disfathom

Many of you know this mad name. Sissy Spacek is a pretty old band and they released a lot (even a fucking ton) of stuff. So it's not surprising that we received a few of their CD`s for reviews (this should have happened anyway haha).

This is not an album, “Disfathom” is an absolute sharp mess (in a good way of course). When I'm looking at this dark and gloomy cover my mind refuses to believe that this is a grindnoise stuff. This cover is more suitable for industrial music or for some dark drone. But the facts speak for themselves. Well we have here a devils buzzing box which is rich with bizarre and chaotic songs. Crazy speed is a main rule here… This wall of noise is dense and very loud, almost too much to take it in. A mix of blast beats, roars, screams and guitar riffs create a strange and hellish sound weapon. Disfathom can be compared with a turned on mixer has been shoved into your head. I really like their violent style; these guys are truly mad, haha! But unfortunately I can`t say that this album is memorable, but this crazy piece of plastic is definitely good. Rating: 7.5/10 Sissy Spacek fb

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Noise party in Kiev!

Vancouver's grinders attention!

VAVA – demo 2017 (Rotova Porojnina Records)

I got this tape from the Rotova Porojnina Records Cihef. This raw and short piece of noise was his first release. So let’s see what we got here. So if I understand everything right VAVA is a solo project from the drummer of Malad. First of all I must draw your attention to the fact that it is very primitive stuff. And I can say that after listening to this tape I remain a fan. The art of this tape is pretty nice, this primitive picture reminds me of some old soviet cartoons. VAVA consists only of drums and screams. This 6 minutes were recorded in someones garage so everything here is very raw. All songs are short, fast and messy. I didn’t hear anything special but I like the drum reverberation. Some of the songs sound like quick shots some of them sound pretty stupid (crazy stupid yelling is not my favorite sorry). In general this release is very mediocre. Rating: 6/10

Label contact: ironcnt@gmail.com

Friday, August 18, 2017

Couple releases from Dead Heroes!

Die hard and regular editions! Good and fast stuff from Famine, Art Of Burning Water, Teething, Ape Unit, Horse Bastard, Gets Worse and Derbe Lebowski! All this vinyls you can order at Dead Heroes rec!  

Great grind gig in Spain!

Hyperemesis shirts is out!

Shoot your orders to Rectal Purulence!

Gore ‎– Consumed By Slow Decay

Okay folks no jokes this time. Today we have a really legendary album from old Brazilian gore masters. Originally this album was released more than 20 years ago, but “Consumed By Slow Decay” is still very strong and good. This piece of rot was re-released a few times, I hold in my hands the CD version which was pressed in 2016. This re-press has an old cover, a bunch of old and new band photos and new sound. These noises were remastered by Glésio Torres (Old Grindered Days Recs). The whole material has no super extreme speed and ultraviolent drum technic. This album is just another good example of old style goregrind. But I must admit that with new sound, this ugly album is much more interesting. Now a wall of brutal sound (which is created by a combination of guitar and bass) has a little bit deeper and low tone. Pichshifted roars sound more dreadful. But it doesn’t mean that with new sound this album lost it's atmosphere. NO! NO! NO! This album is still full of pale maggots and mold smell. So if you are interested in history of Gore music then you definitely need to check out Consumed By Slow Decay! Rating: 8/10 Gore fb

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Nice noise N roll bundle! New EP + t-shirt!

You can order these stuff directly from Noise A Go Go's!

Some nasty and brutal news from Goatgrind records!

Legends are back!

New ep "Worshipping Their Own Chains" from great ROT is out! You can listen and download this noise HERE! 

Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition (07.08.17)

Hi, Seb! How're you doing? Probably looking forward to finally release your new album?)

Hi Alex. Yes, we are working on the latest details of the T-shirts, and so far, everything is ready for the official release in September. It's good to have the time to finalize everything to be just perfect. We recorded the album almost a year ago, but the mixing and mastering were completed only at the end of December 2016. The graphics were also finished in December 2016, so the last 6 months were devoted solely to finalize the deal with the label, and achieve the layouts and the final adjustments according to the release schedule of Animate Records. I think this is the album whose release schedule is the best anticipated, and everything goes exactly as expected. It will be really great to be able to have all the merchandising available from September : I can’t wait!