Thursday, April 19, 2018

Split LP Deflowered Cunt/Deche-Charge will be out soon at B.O.G. rec

Birdflesh is going to burn Russia!

New Warfuck!

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Su19b - Neutralize (Grindfather prod)

This year my audio library was replenished by another excellent release… a new dreadful thunderbolt from old honorful Japanese sludge  pv grind band Su19b)) This tape has been stuck in my Harman Kardon deck for some time. The new album has an unpleasant feel of a disgusting and dark atmosphere that will drag you into the abyss and suffocate you. Its so heavy and magical work, the release resembles the motion of lithosphere plates… cover art matches the music perfectly. The cover is artistically very professionally done, delivering a sad and scary scenario of neverending war, destroying the planet and collecting our human souls. Extremely skillfully made, with many small nasty details...WOW!!!
The entrance to this purgatory is rather long and gloomy, inspiring doubts and fear… a feeling of entering the darkness. This goes for the title track Neutralize, the heaviest attack in the entire discography of this band. You will notice a remarkable difference between the earlier album "The world doomed to violence", and this one… the new material is SO much heavier sound wise. It contains loads more atrocious Death Metal, mixed in with swamping sludge. The guitar sound is so unnaturally low and heavy it can grind everything down in its way, hahaha. Solos come into the fray, and ugly vocals continue this twisted narration. I want to highlight the slow parts, every riff is like a painful blow from a hammer...
Su19b brings loads of psychedelic fears to your mind, so be careful with this album boys and girls.
Rating: 9/10       Su19b fb

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

News from Mexican Anarchus!

Haematology is officially out!

Huge and beautiful single collection of Haemorrhage is finally released! Drop your orders to Power it Up!

Smallpox Aroma! Brazilian edition!

Asphalt Graves bundle!


Split Pulmonary Fibrosis/Human Stench will be out soon at Newborn Porn prods!

Fuck Yoga Records!

Fuck Yoga has been aiming to release interesting records since 2004. Some fast, some slow - all heavy and fucked up. 2018 release schedule: Burmese "Priviliged" lp, Moss "Sinister History vol.2" lp, Legion Of Andromeda "Fistful Of Hate" lp, repress of Come To Grief "The Worst Of Times" 12", Depressor - Singles Collection lp.


bandcamp: fuckyogarecords
facebook: Fuck Yoga fb
instagram: fuck_yoga_records


fy#59 Ride For Revenge / Satanic Torment split 7" 
fy#58 Depressor 1995 lp
fy#56/57 Come To Grief "The Worst Of Times" lp/cd
fy#55 Transhunter s/t lp
fy#54 Goli Deca "Mania" lp
fy#53 Grief - "Depression" 12"
fy#51/52 Grief - "Dismal" 12"/cd

Monday, April 16, 2018

Alternative Record Label!

Alternative Record Label is a small DIY label from Germany which is 100% dedicated to underground noise. Established in 2013 with a passion for extreme and nasty music. Mostly oriented on supporting noise, grind, crust,but also various other subgenres. Throughout the 5 years since the beginning, A.R.L. are responsible for countless a massive load of tapes and vinyl releases.

Contact: facebook

RELEASES: ARL001-Gall/Vvvnde co release ARL002-We are Sick-7 Palmos ARL003-EddieXMurphy

Blood - Depraved Goddess (Grindfather productions)

An independent label from the U.K. took a mission to reissue all Blood´s albums in analogue tape format. The long process has begun, and I'm already fortunate enough to receive one of them for a review. Hard to believe, but this album was originally released 20 years ago already. I would compare this to a good whiskey, in the sense that it only gets better with age, more mature, and more powerful (in your face).
This album fits very specificly into a certain category in my opinion.A category where the covers are creepy, cheesy and unpleasant, but most definetely kicks ass. The crucified heterocephalus glaber on the cover doesnt work in my opinion. I dont see the relevance to the music... But a cover is still only just a cover, so lets dive head first into this moldy noise…

This is oldschool doomy death metal, grindcore and punk, all these elements come together and presents the annihilating"Depraved Goddess".
Prepare yourself to be possessed by the shredding sounds of raw guitars,sloppy drumming,low bass and gory vocals. The intro is a sample from an old obscure horror flick, which i couldn't identify, unfortunately.. it draws us slowly into the dark gloomy atmosphere, before ultimately delivering the final deadly blow to our poor heads, haha. Claus P.Oehler belches his evil gloomy roars out here in a way thats really impressive to me, and one of the best surprises on this album. Mr.Bernd manages to cover everything with sweet buzzing noise, and destroying guitar sound.Unfortunately the bass drowns out a bit in all this sound mess, but delivers perfectly on the track "The god you save". The tape sound slightly differs of course from CD, and vinyl version, but i freaking like it. I love listening to old albums like this on cassette... a nice trip down nostalgia lane...
Okay, let´s summarize...This is an old (but gold), motherfucker... in a new shell! Cradle Of Filth worshipers will probably not be very impressed, haha. If you're into dirty and raw low frequency noise, I suggest you jump on this bad boy right away!

Rating: 8/10     Blood fb      Official Site

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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Fubar is going to Japan!

Split Šarlah​/​Agathocles is out!

More info at Librarion rec!

Clit Eastwood/Cadaveric Spasm (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

I was mildly surprised by a knock at my door. Not knowing whom it was I answer to find my mailman with a parcel for me. Not sure what to expect I open it to find it is from the fellas in Cadaveric Spasm! So here I am sitting down at my computer popping in their split with Clit Eastwood. The cover art is rather intriguing. Showing what looks like people being fed into a meat grinder, that's been forced into the ear of a giant head which is vomiting up the ground remains. But, enough about this obscure image. We are here to talk music! Starting this split off in a rather obscure and ferocious manor, Cadaveric Spasm assault the ears with relentless Grind. You can hear the undertones of Thrash here and there. What gives this band a more peculiar depth however is the use of atmospheric tones coming from what I can only assume is a synthesizer. There are also moments of humor riddled throughout this massacre of the senses. The dual vocals radiate a sense of horror and pain from the individuals unleashing them. Front to back this side of the split is absolutely brilliant! Now we dive into Clit Eastwood. This band is unfamiliar to me, but I'm quite intrigued as to what they'll bring to the table. Starting off we are hit with a whirlwind of Dbeat Grinding goodness. Ghastly vocals,crunchy guitar and bass,with a drummer setting the pace for everything perfectly. This band takes no prisoners, their songs are short,abrupt,ferocious and down right filthy! You may also catch elements of Old Punk and the occasional clean singing which was the last thing I'd expected to hear in Grind, but curiously enough it fit well. Needless to say I was very surprised by Clit Eastwood. I came I to their side of the split not really sure what to expecr, but I'm quite pleased. Rating for both sides: 7/10 Cadaveric Spasm Clit Eastwood