Monday, October 23, 2017

Nothing Clean`s compilation tape is out!

For all questions write to Abusive Noise Tapes!

split Scum Human/Depraved is out!

Shoot all your orders to Grindpromotion records!

Big news from Grindfather prod!

split 7" Ulcerrhoea/Siviilimurha

split tape PizzaHiFive/Soil Of Ignorance
Ulcerrhoea - Discography 2000-2003 Tape 
split tape Weedeous Mincer / Gorgos

Enemigo - Collection tape

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Obacha`s discography tape of is out!

Gourmet - The Blast Supper (Grindfather prod)

Canada has produced many great bands. Probably all of you know Mesrine, Dahmer, Archagathus, Mass Grave… Well here is new fresh blood! Meet Gourmet! They just released their debut work but, they have many freaky fans already. The core of this band is Ripley (the man behind guitar noises) and Leslie (the lady behind drum beats), plus they had a special ugly man; Joe (Meatus/Archagathus and so on) who did the vocals. So “The Blast Supper” was released by Grindfather Productions, like pro-tape and this small smelly piece has very interesting cover art. Here you can see a pan in which they cook human remains. This is nice,funny, cannibalistic humor. By the way while during live performances Joe puts on a chef suit (that guy knows how to make a good atmosphere at a gig, haha).

I guess that Gourmet are big Arhagathus fans, because they sound pretty similar. These noises can be describe with words like; noisy, goofy, vomity and of course silly. But that doesn’t mean that this tape sucks, not at all! This mince punk has many catchy riffs and tunes. This stupid simplicity makes you dance and it brings a stupid smile to your face, haha! Of course I can’t say that this record is brilliant, but I had fun during listening to this tape. By the way all these songs were recorded and mastered by Dan Ryckman (Archagathus).

Rating: 7.5/10   Contacts:

Go and buy this tape at Grindfather prod!

Attention Moscow!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Bacteriophagia - full discography!

Out now! Bacteriophagia - A Complete Discography Of Diseased Discharges! Out now! Drop your orders to Excitatory Pain Production!

split Retortion Terror/Invidiosus is out!

You can check this split CD HERE! 

Next grind pack for OEF 2018!

Here is a first look at upcoming Hexx 7"

This EP will be released by Televised Suicide. Right now you can listen a preview track HERE!

Meth Drinker / Moloch (Grindfather prod)

I know that it is pretty strange for us to write a review on a genre that is far from Grind, but these bands are worth your attention guys. So without any more hesitation, I push this tape into my player. And… The endless abyss of black resin began to envelope me. It`s really hard to believe that such a small country like New Zealand could birth such a dreadful band. If I remember right Meth Drinker is not active anymore. And that makes me a little bit sad because their low sound infection is so good. This band acts so heavy and so painfully, their songs are full of dark atmosphere and crashing energy. The guitar sound slowly entering into your mind and corrupts it. Unholy screams and roars make this piece of mud even better. Each song like a poison, you dont even notice when it starts to melt you. So be very carefully while listening of this part.

Next is an ugly beast from the UK. During listening to this material I was not left with a feeling that Moloch is belching a dense black vomit. Seriously, their songs have a good doom metal taste; tunes are so slow and heavy and the agonizing vocals cause goose bumps. Also the whole sound is deep and viscous (and it`s very important for this kind of music). I guess that both of these gloomy songs can be perfectly used like a soundtrack for doomsday.

Rating: 8.5/10    Meth Drinker bc   Moloch fb 

You can get this tape thru Grindfather prod! 

Cripple Bastards are preparing full single collection!

Vulva Essers & Girth are going to the tour!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Self titled 5" of Psycho is out!

3 new & unreleased tracks by Boston veterans PSYCHO on a beautiful transparent 5 inch vinyl limited & hand-numebered to 101 copies! For all questions write to Hardcoretrooper records!

split MarXbros/Travølta is out!

New 12" split of Belgium gangsters Travølta is out! This time they shared vinyl with MarXbros. This release contains so mush violent noise, you will like it kids! For all orders just write to Loner Cult records! 

Super gig!

More info HERE!

Extreme Smoke 57 on tour!

Iron pins!

Pins of The Kill and Retaliation are ready! Send your questions and orders to Roberto!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Tsubo - Disdegno (No Bread!)

Any person who has been keeping track of the happenings in the Italian grind scene in the past few years, will know about Tsubo. In case you didn’t, Tsubo is a 4 piece grindcore (mostly grindcore) band hailing from Latina, Italy. They have been active in the scene for about a decade (or even more) and now they shoot a new EP into the face of the underground.

I will be honest, their last album disappointed me. There was a lot of brutal/metal/etc pieces and that pushed me away (that album was really not my cup of tea). For some time I lost interest in Tsubo, but one time my friend told me that the new EP is a real fire. I was pretty surprised but back then I still had the doubts. Hmmm… these first notes, riffs, beats just like a good punch! These Italian grinders surprised me. This “Disdegno” is strong and dynamic; also the 4 songs have a ton of aggression (which is really great). Except grindcore I find here a lot of death metal (that especially feels present in guitar traits) and punk. The whole EP sounds like one unit there is no side A or B. Tsubo managed to create a great grind/metal sound which fits so perfectly for their noise. And in the end I would like to highlight the song “Psicoguerra” for their fantastic space ending (these tunes warm up my heart, haha).

Rating: 8/10    Tsubo bc    Tsubo fb  

In case if you want to order this EP. Just shoot your orders to this email address: 


Сavernicular started in late 2015 by the hands of four wackos from Palermo, Italy. Already involved in bands like L.E.A.R.N., ANF, Haemophagus, Feccia Tricolore, Undead Creep etc.,
We - Totò (vocals) Sandro (vocals) Furious G. (guitar) and Piparino (drums) - are set to play and produce a bastard mix of grindcore and powerviolence. 
We have released one self-titled 7" EP through Rodel Records on vinyl and Hackebeil records and Knochen Tapes on, guess what? Tape! After a bunch of italian gigs we are almost ready to record our first fast and short full-length album, which we'll probably call Man's Place in Nature.

Facebook page   Bandcamp page